ELD International


Strategic consulting with years of global experience.

Unique legal services expertise with both buyers and sellers.



ELD International has the distinct advantage of working extensively with the global buyers of legal services, so this knowledge and familiarity provides an immediate benefit on projects either for an in-house legal team or a service provider. We tailor projects to each client, specific to your objectives, challenges and timing.


ELD International works with law firms and other legal services providers to:
  1. Improve strategies and actions in select geographic markets and with industry and practice groups
  2. organize client-facing programs to raise profile and build relationships with major buyers of legal services
  3. through research and interviews with buyers worldwide, bring the client voice to improve your marketing and business development


ELD International’s consulting projects help in-house legal leaders and teams to:
  1. Develop a strategy for the function to support and demonstrate sustainable performance
  2. Communicate effectively across the team and with key stakeholders, to introduce change and fulfill strategic goals
  3. Better manage external providers
  4. Support key business and legal decisions with tailored benchmarking of international corporate law departments
  5. Improve productivity and collaboration of multi-location global legal teams


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Help a Fortune 500 legal department transform for 2020

The new General Counsel of a Fortune 500 legal and compliance function retained Leigh Dance for support in her first months in the company. ELD International worked with her to develop and communicate important initial messages while the plan was in progress. With her team, our client wanted to clarify a vision for Legal to connect and align with a corporate growth strategy that included significant improvements in complex contracting and other areas, including service delivery, structure and use of alternative providers.

The GC wanted to compare the legal function’s practices and performance in specific operational areas and compare performance with other best-in-class companies in diverse industries. ELD International worked with members of the in-house team to lead a detailed benchmark.  We conducted extensive interviews and collected information from select multinationals, with whom we agreed to share the findings report.  Our areas of benchmark included use of IT tools, law firm management, contract management, alternative sourcing, governance, budgeting/forecasting and professional development. We participated in data analysis and recommendations to leadership. Those findings were a key element behind the strategy for Legal’s transformation.

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Advise on key issues during regulatory change and uncertainty

After the June 2016 UK referendum, General Counsel on both sides of the Atlantic asked us to organize a Brexit working group. The objective was to exchange plans and questions about how to best understand the impact and set priorities to prepare for a European Union without the United Kingdom. ELD International conducted research among general counsel on what aspects interested them most.  A global law firm agreed to partner with us and also share their perspectives, at 3 roundtable events for Global Counsel Leaders Circle members and guests.  The roundtables were held in London and Brussels, with more discussions at other meetings across the US and Europe. We discussed actions to take for Brexit, for companies based in the UK, US, Europe and beyond. In-house legal and compliance execs participated from 10 countries. ELD International wrote and published 3 articles to share insights from the discussions, with input from in-house participants and the external counsel who provided helpful insight and technical expertise.


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Bring client insights to business development practices

A global firm enlisted us to help spur their associates activities to grow their networks, improve client service and build skills to succeed at business development. We worked with cross-border groups in the firm’s Europe offices, to raise their awareness of current client needs.  We practiced scenarios where a lawyer team could use information on the client’s situation to deliver better services and connect with clients to build more fruitful and rewarding practices. At offsite meetings, Leigh Dance led interactive sessions that shared in-depth information on current buyer needs, taken from our Global Counsel Leaders research. Through exercises, we guided lawyers in practicing how to use the information to provide better client service and engage clients in more productive, meaningful conversations. Dance received high marks in program evaluations.